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  1. Is the sophie going to be sold in the United States eventually or will it only be in Japan and Hawaii and is it limited edition or will we all be able to get our hands on one eventually?
  2. Think it's a LE that is only available to Japan and Hawaii. Very small quantity. Know I would love one just can't bring myself to hear the words "no".:sad: :crybaby:
  3. I thought other pfers said it will be available in US around Feb?
  4. If anyone could confirm this it would be nice. I won't be in a position to do so until next year.
  5. i hope it doesnt come to us.. another wish list item!!!
  6. I just called 866 and they said they have not been given any information. I got the impression it should be released in the USA but she didnt know why they arent hearing anything. DAMN LV!!! I want that freaking bag. I am going to sneak in jills house tonight and still that out Biotch.....
  7. ^haha :roflmfao:
  8. lol . yea I would love to get it if it does come out its beautiful...and cheap not much more I could ask for!

  9. ROFL......Burglar alarm is ARMED..............:roflmfao: :wlae: :supacool:
  10. i think it will come around to the US....

    take panda for example, first they were only introduced and sold in japan and then a while later they were in the states...

    so i wouldn't worry about it :smile: relax ladies!!!
  11. What will be the price for the Sophie?
  12. I heard it was $420?

  13. what is it selling for in Hawaii...another reason to take a trip to Hawaii next year!! HA!HA!
  14. $420 USD.
    Release sometime in first quarter 2007, but that's as much as they will say now.....CS said they will can be more specific regarding a release date in the new year....we'll see!

  15. $400. And that tax there is only 4%! :nuts: