which is nicer ?

  1. damier sophie

  2. mono sophie

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. :smile:
  2. :confused1::confused1:
  3. Im sorry i didnt realise.. Damier 1 vote from me..
  4. haha... it is ok.. :smile:
  5. come on ppl.... please vote... :smile:
  6. Mono b/c I love the classic canvas.
  7. i have both, but right now i refer the Damier because it's fall and it's starting to rain more :mad:
  8. I'm voting for Mono.
  9. wow... u r so lucky to have both. :smile:
  10. Mono!!
  11. If you could get your hands on either one, you are lucky indeed...if you have to decide between both, wow, you are REALLY lucky !!!!!
    In this case, I would choose Damier for it's subtle chic-ness...
  12. Damier...
  13. I like the damier better. I'm new to LV, but lately have been liking damier more and more...perhaps it's because it's so easy to take care of. I'm also biased though since I have a damier sophie. :smile:
  14. im jealous!!!!i want one so bad:crybaby:
  15. i think the damier looks nicer...