sophie width/size?

  1. does anyone know the width or size of the sophie? i've been searching & i can't find it. i think i read somewhere that it's 10" (length) x 5" (height), but what is the width?... because a width of 4" is a lot roomier than 1". and is the sophie or the pochette accessoires roomier (fit more stuff)? thanks. i really hope the sophie comes to the US.
  2. The Sophie is 10 x 5 x 1.5.
  3. and it fits way more than the pouchette IMO
  4. thanks. it's good to know that the sophie fits way more than the pochette. i hope they start selling the sophie in the US sometime soon... still waiting.
  5. i want the sophie
  6. me too - such a great bag. :love: