Sophie!!! whats the deal??!!!??.....

  1. I am waitlisted for the heart purse and flap pouch , and when i went in to the LV boutique Saturday to give my name I asked this nice SA if they are getting the Sophie she says yes and adds me to the list in her computer. I left happy thinking I am getting 3 great things!!! Well i callled the same LV boutique to ask if the heart purse came in and if I was going to be sure I am getting it from the list well she wouldnt give me info said call at 10 am tomarrow. Ok im fine with that , Well then i asked about the sophie and she said " No that was limited over seas , we will not be getting them." Now who is right in this same LV boutique?? I need the bag and dont wanna go through eBay to get this bag. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh LV get your story right !!! anyway does any of you LV fanatics know if this is coming to USA as in america for sale? lol . sorry if I sound nutts , I just need this bag lol:nuts:
  2. It's really annoying how you can get 5 different answers from 5 different SAs sometimes... and their stories change by the hour... and 888 vuitton tells you something else... gg!!!!!!
  3. i've heard no more than yes... so i'm guessing that no, Sophie will not make it to the U.S. it's unfortunate, because i really wanted it too, but not very willing to pay way above retail for one.
  4. I've heard all sorts of answers. As with the miroir lockit, i'll beleive it when i see it.
  5. Yes, there has been some confusion on this bag...but we have heard for sometime Hi and Japan only...sorry :sad:
  6. for how long will the sophie even be there?^^^
  7. This is frustrating to say the least , is it that hard for a senior marketing rep to find out if they are carrying the bag? geez!!!! Thanks everyone for responding. I better get that heart purse and flap cles or I will :crybaby:
  8. bag is totally sold out in Hawaii and I was told it's also discontinued.
  9. I heard it would be released in the states in February, guess not?
  10. Guess what folks..DOULOS and I were at the Short Hills NJ LV and they had Sophie in their look book..IT IS COMING TO THE USA!!!!!
  11. I hear it's coming to the mainland.
  12. ^^ REALLY?!?! do they have a waiting list??
  13. ok this is SERIOUSLY nauseating!! I WANT THAT BAG!! :cursing:
    They need to make up their minds and figure out if it's coming here or not!

  14. They should be able to start one for you, I would think. I already have a Sophie, so I didn't really inquire too much about it. But, I put myself on the WL for the Miroir Lockit and the store knew NOTHING about it but started a list anyway.
  15. if it's in the look book then it means the stores in USA WILL carry it??? :nuts: Sophie, please rise from the ash and come to USA!:graucho: