Sophie...what shall you be?


Which one?

  1. Monogram

  2. Damier

  3. Neither, I don't like Sophie!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. This is the last time! :cursing:

    Monogram or damier?

    I prefer monogram sophie over damier (yes yes..i'm a damier lover) looks more classy imo!!!

  2. I prefer the Damier. This is a pattern that I never really paid much attention to, but the last while I feel in love with the Damier Speedy, and then got the a few other small accessories in it.

    And when I saw the pics of both the Damier and Monogram Sophie ... I liked both, but loved the Damier more! I just think it looks so elegant.
  3. I like both..if I could get either one, I'd take it in a heartbeat
  4. I think it looks better in Damier!
  5. i think mono looks more fun and girly, damier has a more formal dressy look :smile:. i'll choose damier if i have the choice so that i can use it for dinner events.
  6. Mono for me pls!!!!!
  7. I like the Mono better
  8. seems like there are mixed reviews on whether mono or damier is better!
  9. I'll take both.
  10. Mono.
  11. I love both! But Mono looks more girly and fun!
  12. I just voted for Damier and now it's tied!
  13. I prefer the mono.:tup:
  14. Monogram
  15. I like the mono better but I would love to have either.