Sophie strap problem

  1. I have just received my Sophie on Friday and i absolutely adore this little bag!~ but there is a little problem~ the shoulder strap is way too long for me!~ does anybody else have this problem? i'm kinda small at 160cm~ and when i attach the bag to the strap it hangs below my bum! and it looks really bad!! :crybaby:
    i don't want to not use the strap as i love wearing bags across my body (i do that with pochettes also)~ and the Sophie is meant to be worn across the body with the gold chain hanging right?
    As my Sophie is a damier~ i just cannot use the untreated cowhide strap from my other pochette~ it will look so weird!
    so my conclusion is~ i will have to get the strap shortened~ they would be able to do it at the boutique right? and would you ladies know how much they would charge if they can do it?
  2. I have posted a few days ago about the same problem. After having to deal with a couple of incompetent SAs, as I visited a different boutique and not the one I frequent. I made a trip to another and found a short adjustable strap. It is $185, pretty steep, but worth it as I use it on my damier sophie and pochette.
  3. thanks Luv Classics~ so that means i might have to get a whole new strap altogether :crybaby:
  4. Yes, unfortunately.... I initially made a knot on the strap it came with to make it shorter. It fit perfectly; however, it looked pretty tacky! I could not justify spending another $200 for a strap! But then again, I love the damier sophie sooo much that I couldn't bear keeping her tucked away, so I gave in...:shame:
  5. Be careful with the chain across the front of the bag, it ruins the brass tag.
  6. oh no :push: i can totally understand loving the sophie (staring at it lovingly right now) ~ but like you said~ i cannot justify spending another $230, in my case, on another strap! i've already paid more than retail and pricey postage to have it shipped to australia! wats a girl to do!!! :crybaby:
  7. hi luv2buy :smile: yes i have been very careful using it last night~ i held onto the chain all night~ and when i do finally get it to wear it across my bod~ i'll have to be extra careful!!~
  8. Unfortunately LV will not make custom repairs. :tdown:

    I think your best bet would be getting a new strap.
  9. Is there a way to maybe double it up somehow? I have the same problem with a lot of items, I hate being short sometimes!
  10. i dunno :confused1: i was thinking of maybe looping it thru the hole where the end of the zip is and then i figured i won't be able to zip up the bag~ so i'm still thinking....

    and sea0fyears just mentioned LV dun do any custom repairs so thats not helping either :push:

    i guess i'll still try my luck at the boutique~ if that doesn't work then i'll just have to go to a leather repairer to get it shortened~ :crybaby:

    P.S. i hate being short too!! and small for that matter~ everything just seems long for me!