Sophie strap... adjustable??

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  1. i bought my sophie from eBay and got it yesterday.
    Rebecca confirmed that the bag is real but my leather strap is adjustable like trevi...
    mm.. but when I look at other sophie pics... it doesn't look like that..

    is there any other damier bag comes with adjustable strap?
    looks like they messed up my order... oh gosh. what should I do?
    SP 015.jpg SP 016.jpg SP 017.jpg SP 018.jpg
  2. you want to post a pic of your sophie and show us the adjustable strap?
  3. joy I just posted pic. Do you have sophie?
  4. I have a damier sophie that I purchased myself from a boutique and it did not come with an adjustable strap. How thick is your strap? it might actually be nice so you can wear it non-cross body too.
  5. mine is little thinner than 0.5'. how is yours cpster?
    I'm not sure which bag this strap comes with.. that means my seller sent sophie strap with that bag?? mm

    I looked at website and under the strap section there's a strap called "Bandouliere Reglable 12mm"... that looks like mine. I'm so confused. should I ask seller? or just keep this one..
  6. Mine is a little thinner than 1/2 inch too. If you prefer the non-adjustable one then definately contact the seller. Can you wear the bag cross body with the strap they sent you?
  7. Yes. it is about 45' long if I put it on the very last hole.
  8. mine isnt it definately real?or did they give u a diff strap with it?
  9. You need to have the authentication thread authenticate the bag for you. the strap should not be adjustable and with the strap you have being adjustable, I would really want to make a point to get both the strap and the bag authenticated. Good Luck!
  10. did the seller bought the adjustable strap separately?
  11. Mine has a strap of fixed length, this must be a different strap that was sent to you.
  12. thanks for the reply guys.
    after John and Rebecca said it looks good(authentic)
    I asked seller and seller told me his consignee custom ordered it from Louis Vuitton to have the buckle to make it adjustable. I didn't know you can custom order those but! mystery solved!!
  13. ^ Didn't know either. Perhaps the consignee lost the old strap and just purchased a new one.
  14. I agree with you karman. because the strap looks just like the one is selling. anyways. I'm happy with my sophie now!