Sophie Sophie, come out wherever you are!!

  1. Does anyone know whether there are anymore sophie (in monogram) in the LV boutique?

    At first when it comes out, I didn't think it's a good bag (since now i'm a BIG fan of BIG bags:nuts:). Couple of days ago I saw a thread on sophie and i suddenly have the urge to get one....afterall this is a "multi-functions" little purse to have.

    In particular, ppl in Vancouver Canada, anyone got this bag and know whether it's still around? I know the damier one is coming out soon...but i think mono looks abit better.....

    TIA :heart:
  2. Mono sophie is ALLLLLL gone. It was pretty limited to begin with since it was only available in Hawaii and Japan
  3. I saw one on eBay recently...

  4. aww shucks:sad:..... I guess it's time to ask my SA to WL a sophie in damier then...haha..thanks so much!

    When will damier sophie be released and is the price going to be the same as the mono?

  5. None available for North America that would probably include the Damier one too.
  6. The Damier Sophie will have the same price point but will only be available in Hawaii, Japan and Guam.

  7. Thanks!! I just read a thread about sophie in Damier just now! Tho feeling a little bit least now I can invest my money for an epi lockit, Cruise speedy 30, Cabby PM......and..........................:wtf:so much more!! lolz
  8. There are one or two on eBay right now. It's a great bag!
  9. it is very limited.. i think it was only sold in hawaii and japan... why why why :confused1:
  10. its all about eBay right now.
  11. I just nabbed one of the two on ebay yesterday. Way over what it had originally retailed for but I really love the style and I want to also try and get a little friend for it in damier when it comes out too. I had that thing on my watch list twice and no one bid the first time around...I could kick myself for not bidding then. The second time around I had to pay well over the opening bid.

    Can't wait to get her!! Seller seems very nice and is shipping Fed Ex!!
  12. Hoho. did you get the one that was for $589.99? i was watching that as well since it first came out for like $599.99 but thought $200 over the retail price was a bit much for a small bag (i would've bid on it too though if i hadn't bought my sunset blvd.) well atleast it was a much better price vs. the one for $999.95. Anyways im glad someone from TPF got it and show us once the bag arrives!~ ^_^
  13. Absolutely!

    My stomach is always in knots when I buy a bag online until it actually arrives and I can hold it in my hands to verify authenticity. I hate this waiting period! Just waiting for her to send me the tracking number makes me nervous!
  14. ^^^Congrats on your Sophie!
  15. I guarantee if you get this little bag you will love it! I use mine as an evening bag and whenever I take mine out, she get tons of attention- even from men!