Sophie Owners

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  1. I've seen gorgeous modeling pics of this bag. GORGEOUS

    I even had one at one point and sold it. But now I'm re-thinking.

    it looks really nice when it sits close to the body....but how does it look once you put things in it. Its soo tiny.

    Does it loose its beauty ahd shape when stuffed?

    please help

  2. I stuff mine and yes, she looks sort of like a stuffed sausage when you have too many things in her. My Vernis French Wallet alone looks okay but if you add a cles and a phone to that she gets a little stuffed. Best to use a smaller wallet, or cles inside of her.
  3. my treo, cles, lip gloss & keys fit perfectly into my Sophie without making it look stuffed.

  4. LOL. A stuffed sausage. Bad visual. LOL
  5. I put my phone, lipstick, bronzer, ciggs and lighter (if Im drinking! lol) and a little tiny bottle of shaper hair spray and a hair tie if its humid! I LOVE this bag!!!!

  6. And it doesnt look like a stuffed sausage? LOL

    I am the biggest dumb%$# for selling mine :Push: What a goof. I just want to make sure if I re-buy that I will use it and not let if decorate my shelf. KWIM?
  7. I use it the evening. And no its never looks too stuffed! You know how picky I am...I really love it. Get it again woman!

  8. LOL. I think I will :tup:
  9. Go get her!!! I am imagining that when the Damier is released the Sophie craze will be going again and prices will rise.

    I've been using her a lot more lately. I use her in conjunction with my BH. She gets so many compliments. As long as you don't try to fit an actual wallet in her I think you're good!!!

    Here's a bag pic of how much space is in the bag with the French Purse in it.

    Attached Files:

  10. The Sophie is the worlds best LV bag.....Im away right now and am wishin I had packed it with me...LOL

  11. ^^that helps. thanks. but I think I agree w/ Sunshine about using it as a night which case I won't need a wallet anyway.


    I don't have any small wallet anymore that would fit. I don't like to fold my bills so all of my wallets are long......
  12. I love my Sophie-If you can still get a monogram one- don't hesitate. It's my most versatile LV!!!
  13. I LOVE this cheerleading team for the Sophie. :wlae:

    Now all we need are some modeling pics in this thread.

  14. Sophie rocks. I use my little MC Cozy wallet w/her and she has a lot of room to spare :heart:

  15. Arghh. YOU!

    LOL :heart: