sophie owners..........question for you

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  1. does the sophie have a d-ring inside to hook a cles or rabat on??
  2. I don't have one, but I don't suppose so because usually D-rings are in larger bags.
  3. hmm ok I wasn't sure, and there's no pocket inside either right??
  4. I tried looking on eBay for pics...and even though the only Sophie I found with inside pics was an obvious fake...I don't think it has an inside pocket either.
  5. Nope-no pocket inside Sophie
  6. no d-ring, no pocket..
  7. Hey Karman! You cut you hair. You look great!:tup:
  8. ^^ I concur, no d-ring and no pocket. Just lined :yes:
  9. Ever seen e pic of sophie bag, i have fall in love with it but too bad this bag doesn't come to singapore. From eBay, i afraid its a fake one and i also don't have a paypal.

    Think there is no way to get a hold of this bag. So sad :sad:
  10. may i know what is the height and length of sophie in mm?? thanks