SOPHIE OWNERS need your help PLEASE!!!

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  1. I've fallen in love with this bag but afraid that my store is a bit behind the times... I've called to ask if they have it but they say they've NEVER heard of it!

    anyone mind please telling me what the model number is so I can get it checked here to see if my store has it?

    thanks guys!
  2. currently, it's only available in Japan and Hawaii
  3. of the ladies got it from Japan and I know another got it from Hawaii. Hawaii carries stuff that the continental US won't carry. I went last year and even their Coach is more lux. They have python snake skin bags (not into it personally) that the continental is not allowed to carry. Call them they should be of more help.
  4. Only LV knows when India will receive Sophie :sad:
  5. yea it sucks how only some countries get the good stuff! it really Ps me off :hysteric: sometimes... but supose cant blame LV for wanting to make money from Japanese... it's EVERYWHERE on the streets of Japan... every girl has at least 15 LVs I'm sure...

    anyways, does anyone know whether LV in Hawaii will send me a sophie if I ring & order? thing is I'm in New Zealand, not the US or Canada... will they be willing to ship half way around the globe?
  6. I heard Hawaii will only ship it to you if you purchase from them before in store. I'm not sure if they'll ship it internationally. :s

  7. No they will not send the Sophie overseas to NZ:sad:

  8. really? well, there goes another wish list bag :crybaby: ... and it just got on there less than 12 hours ago!!! cant wait to finish my studies & leave this place!

    so my last resort's ebay? but $699 is a heap more than the original what $400?!... supose that's the price to pay when you're not in Hawaii or Japan huh? oh... this is gona drive me absolutely nuts! :hysteric:
  9. Model number is: M40158.

  10. thanks!!! :yes:
  11. we are in the same situation
    i love the sophie too....

    wonder is there anyone can help me to get one from Hawaii
  12. i hope you'll find it!! and if you do.......get it, it's the cutest!!!

  13. Yah, just as long as you have physically been at any of the Hawaii stores and purchased something, you are able to charge send something to your home. But, then there's the waitlist. :Push:
  14. The Sophie is worth every penny..if you can find one..I would of paid over 1000- to get her(thank goodness I didnt!)..I really am loving it to death!!LOL!
  15. i love that sophie too (the name is too cute! LOL!) i cant wait to go to Hawaii in January to go look at the sophie......