sophie or damier azur..

  1. I'm kind of getting tired waiting for the azur and since I really can't use it until april/may anyway..I was thinking of taking my name off the list and getting a Sophie since that is a LE (like buy it on eBay or something)...but then what if I NEVER get the damier azur speedy...I'd be sad cuz I really like it and it's not as flashy as you wouldn't think it's an LV unless you look closer or a true lv fan.

    And It really wouldn't make sense for me to buy both now..or does it?!

    I'm confused..HELP!!
  2. sounds to me as if you really want the azur. its up to you. i love my azur speedy and i think as cute as the sophie is, its wayyy to small, unless you are going out. I could have a nice roomy speedy for the price of the sophie
  3. Hmm...I think I would wait until I got the speedy. As much as the Sophie is lovely, you've been wanting the speedy for so long...and I'm afraid that if you get the Sophie now (which I think is terribly overpriced on eBay at the moment), you'll regret it once the speedys are available.

    Also, do you really, really want the Sophie (using the bag, having an LE, vs. the novel and rarity of it)? I'm not trying to turn you away from the Sophie, but you should take time to consider it before you take the plunge and opt not to get the Speedy.
  4. I would get a Damier Azur Speedy.
  5. but I also need a nice going out LV bag...and I could use the Sophie as an everday bag just for the necessities. I have an azur pochette right now so I do have something Azur...but yes you are right..I really do want an Azur speedy...ever since I saw pictures of it...
  6. I would wait for the Speedy instead. I know I know... LV is having problems with the Azur canvas production that's why they're so slow in replenshing this permanent line. The *Sophie* is as cute as the Lexington you were considering before. I would wait on that too, since it still might be coming to the North America stores. It don't make sense to pay 1-1/2 times more for a pochette on eBay. If you save now you might be in the position to get both when they're available and it might also be at the same time.
  7. damier azur speedy
  8. Azur speedy. I've made the mistake of settling for something other than what I really wanted too many times and then the thing you settle for just never seems right?
  9. That is what I'm REALLY scared of..and regretting not being able to get it later on!!!

    There are reasons why I'd like to get a sophie:

    1) Can use casual or dressy
    2) can hold essentials when i don't want to lug everything
    3) LE
  10. I would get the sophie because it's LE the azur is going to be around a while...
  11. Azur
  12. Definitely the Azur speedy
  13. Sophie-It's so much fun!
  14. hmm hard decision. I love my azur speedy and sophie, but between the two I'd say sophie. I love it for going out at night, plus it was great when I used it on my trip too with the long strap.
  15. Wow! there's so many votes for the speedy..i would've thought you guys would vote for the Sophie b/c it's LE and what not...