Sophie on the cover of a Japanese magazine

  1. Sophie on the cover of a Japanese magazine called Classy, together with a piece of luggage also from LV. It's the February editon of the mag, I think I'm going to order it from Amazon Japan, just because of LV on the cover!

    I just love the way they attached a long vachetta strap and left that metal strap just hanging like and accessory. It's a great idea!!!

    What do you think?

    Oh, by the way, I have another Japanese magazine with a whole spread with pics of Sophie. I'll scan it when I have a bit of time (it's been hectic here with all the Ney Year's festivities).

    Happy New Year everyone!
  2. I love it, the model looks really nice with the bag and the luggage !
  3. thanks for the pic
    seeing all these pics of the sophie makes me want it SOO much more
    all i can do is hope that it comes to australia!!!!
  4. I want this bag! :heart:
  5. Love the photo, thanks for posting it!!
  6. Lovely.
  7. Thanks for the post! IMO, Japanese did a fab. job about LV pix, they make everything seems like a must have!
  8. I can't wait until this bag comes out in the US so I can get it. Its so cute
  9. It looks like she's wearing head-to-toe LV. Even her clothes and shoes are LV. The bag looks so great in that pic. Makes me want one.
  10. wow! she's gorgeous! and so is the bag lol asian girls are so cute!! two of my friends are korean and they're both so pretty!
  11. i was just going to mention the shoes they are hot!!!!
  12. wow, love the sandals. probably easier to get than *sophie*!:sad:
  13. thanks for the shoes too..
  14. Great photo...thanks for sharing!
  15. I love her "chair". The Sophie is hot, I think I will use it today.