SOPHIE on Eboutique, $645!

  1. Gogogogogogogo!
  2. they've had so many! I wonder if it was them that bought all 7000 that was produced!!! omg...

    good $$ :sad:
  3. What's the URL? I typed in eboutique and got egames.
  4. eboutique is an eBay seller! :smile:
  5. Thanks!
  6. Lower than usual, but still not a good price :s
  7. Still way too much for me :sad:
  8. I just came up with two others-one starting at 599.00 the other starting at 600.00.
  9. ITA
  10. $645?....I don't think so...way too much.
  11. Oh - sorry, thought I'd found a good deal. Didn't realize retail was so cheap and there were some around. I thought I'd read posts saying people couldn't find them. So... nevermind. :push:
  12. ahh... they were going for a lot less on eBay when the Sophie was first released. ii know other sellers are asking way more, but $645 is still too much for me, even though i love that bag.
  13. ugh, for that price, looks like i won't be getting a sophie...
  14. how much is the sophie

  15. retail was $400