Sophie on ebay

  1. There is a seller from Hawaii on eBay that has sold 4 sophie bags, do you think they are legit and could have purchased that many?
  2. I was trying to bid one of them....and I lose when the auction will be ended in 2mins. now I am still looking for the sophie on eBay!:sad:
  3. I contacted her and she said she has a few. I think she probably knew she could make money on them (which she seems to be doing.) I bought one the other night from another seller.
  4. I am from Hawaii and put my name on 3 wait lists and got call backs from all 3 stores. I only bought one though. I think it is very possible for her to have a bunch of them.

  5. Oh my goodness!!! You are SO lucky. I would kill to get my hands on one. Well.... maybe not kill. But you get my point. LOL :p
  6. yeah I agree with rileygirl. I was called from 2 different stores so the seller probably could get that many.
  7. At least it gives us all an op to buy one! Actually, I'm suprised there are not more on eBay right now!
  8. I think it is def. possible, even tho the lists have been reported long, I didn't really have any problem getting one while on vacation :shrugs:
  9. anyone else notice that seemingly overnight the sophies on ebay have increased in price SIGNIFICANTLY? seems to correlate with our discovery on the forum regarding just how limited sophie is :shrugs: i remember when we still believed it would be released in the US, all the sophies on ebay were around 500 or 550, and now they're like 700, 800! i wonder if these sellers lurk around on TPF ... :hrmm:
  10. I live on Oahu and I got called back from all three stores. Hilton Hawaiian didn't even have a waitlist and they just got in a shipment on Tuesday. I put my name on the Ala Moana list on Tuesday. At first the SA wasn't going to do it because she said the list was so long, but she took my name and number once she realized I lived on island. I got a call back from them today. :smile:
  11. do you think they can ship to mainland from HI?
  12. From what I've heard, they'll only charge/ship if you've previously purchased from one of the Hawaii stores.
  13. That seems to be the case with lots of the Hawaiian sellers...seem to be all in the "family" so to speak if you know what I mean...