Sophie Kinsella's The Gatecrasher

  1. If you like the shopaholic series, you might be interested in knowing that she came out with a new book called, The Gatecrasher. I picked it up today at target for $14.00 hardcover. It looks like it will be good. The Gatecrasher is under her real name, Madalaine Wickham.
    It is about a woman who crashes funerals to find rich men. It seems interesting so I bought it today. I'll give an update on it after I read it. I love her books so I'm sure it will be very good.

    Also, Target has $6.50 and $5.00 dvds. I bought Breakfast at Tiffany's, my all time favorite movie, for $6.50. I also bought the 1st wives club and Bend it like beckham. Just thought I would give you bookworms and DVD experts a heads up.

    Happy Reading and Movie Watching!
  2. Oh nice. I have to check it out. Thanks for posting this.
  3. Thanks for this!! I LOVED the Shopaholic series ... I will definitely check this one out. Sounds like it could be a fun read as well.
  4. thanks for posting !!! love sophie kinsella's books!!
  5. Here is the summary of the book:

    "Money is safety, darling," the delightfully wicked funeral crasher Fleur Daxeny advises her 13-year-old daughter after an almost perfect execution of her best skill: swindling wealthy widowers. In this modern-day novel of manners, Wickham's lively prose needles the British upper class with a mixture of suspense and wit. Armed with a closet full of designer black suits, the daily obituaries and a face that never betrays her 40 years, Fleur invades the funerals of the wealthy, enchantingly rich, grieving new widowers in need of a shoulder to cry on. She attends the memorial service of Emily Favour, whom she pretends was a long-lost acquaintance, and promptly lures the good-hearted Richard Favour into her web. Although his troubled daughter, Phillipa, and her crafty husband, Lambert, suspect serious gold digging, Fleur's beauty and charm dazzle them, and soon she's invited to live at the family estate in Surrey. What Fleur finds there is a gate-crasher's dream--a welcoming family, an accessible Gold Card and, after some snooping, a bank account worth millions. Even when Fleur's daughter, Zara, whom Fleur has neglected to mention, arrives unexpectedly from boarding school, the Favours make no fuss, welcoming the teen into the fold. As Fleur and Zara become comfortable with country club life, Fleur learns that she's not the only one scheming for Richard's money, and that Richard might not be as gullible as she thinks. But with Zara finally enjoying the stability of a real home, can Fleur leave so easily this time? Wickham (Swimming Pool Sunday) creates memorable characters who are as unpredictable and multifaceted as they are stylish. While the quick wrapup misses a cue, this novel is still jolly fun. (May)

    Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

    --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

    From Library Journal
    Fleur Daxeny is beautiful and sophisticated, with an appetite for comfort beyond her means. She also has a fine wardrobe of black designer dresses that she wears to the funerals of wealthy London women in hope of snaring their grieving husbands. Once captivated by her good looks and charm, these men provide her with money, a home, and an extravagant lifestyle for however long it takes her to stash a bit of cash and move on to the next. Such is the fate of Richard Favour. The ease with which Fleur moves into his life dazzles him. His late wife had been really rather dull, and everyone in his family seems to find Fleur most refreshing. But just as Richard proposes marriage, the unscrupulous Fleur gets bored and begins reading obituaries again. This is an often witty and deeply biting novel of modern manners and morals. Wickham's (Tennis Party) characters move with the studied grace of Jane Austen's upper class, and her plot is perfect for a made-for-TV movie. Readers will be both touched and entertained. Recommended for all public libraries.DSusan Clifford Braun, Aerospace Corp., El Segundo, CA
    Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

    Here is the link to Amazon's Page
  6. Thanks for posting this! I will definitely pick it up. I loved the shopaholic series.
  7. Thanks for this! I hope it's in the airport bookshops when I travel next week. I need another book to read. :yes:
  8. Thanks for posting this. I had heard she was writing a novel under her real name but I couldn't remember what it was! I am headed to Target after work so I will add this to my list :smile:
  9. I LOVE the Shopaholic books! And I LOVE British humor! Thanks for the info!!!
  10. I looked it up at my library, and it is not a new book:

    Originally published: London : Black Swan, 1998.

    This, obviously, will not stop me from picking it up. Thanks for the tip! I went to the library earlier today, dropped off 4 items, promised myself I would only pick up a couple of books, and ended up with 9 more. :p
  11. She does have a new book releasing in February though. Titled, Remember Me with a release of Feb 26.
  12. The publishers website lists the publication date of The Gatecrasher as July 2007. :shrugs:
  13. Ya'll are most welcome. I love her books too and I think she is an awesome writer. Maybe it was released early in London? Or maybe they decided to redo the cover on the book? Or the last possiblity is that it really did come out in July of 2007?
  14. Have you read any Marian Keyes? Her books are also very easy reads and very funny.
  15. ^^ I have one of her books, but have not read it yet. I think it is sushi for beginners. I have to read it soon. I love chick lit for light easy reading over the summer and on vacation days. I will have to check out Marion Keyes' books.