Sophie Kinsella ~ books under a different name

  1. Purely by accident, from a source nothing to do with books, I discovered that Sophie Kinsella wrote 7 books prior to the Shopaholic series, under the name of Madeleine Wickham.

    Have any of you read any of these, and did you know it was the same author!!!!!
  2. I've read Cocktails for Three. It's a cute, fun book, but nowhere near the Shopaholic series IMHO.

  3. I agree.

    We read it for our book club and even though we knew it would be different, we were a little disappointed.
  4. ^ me three. i read that book too, but it just wasn't as fun to read compared to the Shopaholic series
  5. quite honestly I was utterly disappointed in this book.

    no where near 'shopaholic' at all...heck, even 'undomestic goddess' and 'can you keep a secret' were leaps and bounds better thank 'cocktails'
  6. Madeleine Wickham is actually her real name! I was reading in the news when Shopaholic & Sister came out that Sophie Kinsella is like her middle name and her mother's maiden name?

    I read one a couple yrs ago, it was ok... don't remember which one it was now!
  7. I dont think I will bother reading them to be honest. I would probably be disappointed.

    I am sure that the shopaholic series would be a hard act to follow.

    There are so many things that we can probably all relate to. I was showing my OH the bit about eBay, when she sold items she didn't remember buying etc.

    Really touches a nerve. :cursing:
  8. yes, I read anyone for tennis, I think it was called that, or something similar.

    Vaguely entertaining, but instantly forgettable (hence my prob with the book name)

    not like the lovely Becky ;) lol
  9. i knew she wrote books under 'madeline wikham'...was a bit confused which one was her real name. (thanks for making that clear) I have read nearly all the shopaholic series and some under madeline wickham. I love her books. would recommend.
  10. Not a big shopaholic fan, myself....the first one was ok, but I thought they got very formulatic after that. But Can you keep a secret, was better I thought.
  11. OOH that's so exciting thank you for the gossip ;)