Sophie: Japan or Hawaii?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just found out I will be in Hawaii (Honolulu) in March and Japan in May (Tokyo, Kyoto, Kofu City) I really want to purchase a Sophie while I on one of these trips. Any advice about availability or prices? Are the prices the same in Japan as the US? Will there still be bags left March or May?

    Any advice would be great!

  2. I don't know about Japan, but I know in Hawaii the retail is $400 and they're almost gone!
  3. ^^^yep, I hope you get one, but they may be gone by that time.
  4. good luck - it's an adorable bag
  5. yikes! Will they ship from Hawaii?
  6. ^only if you bought from a hawaii store before they will ship. I don't know how available they would be when you come because I'm trying to get another one and I'm on a waitlist. The first one I got the day it came out.
  7. Retail in Hawaii is $400 and they are almost gone. Lucky for me that the hubby brought one home for me. I think you're best option if you know someone in Hawaii or Japan to have them purchase it for you. Good Luck-the bag is really cute!!
  8. i think Jap's price is always higher than rest of LV stores around the world, but they have 90% of Sophie, and HI only had 10% (700pcs), i'd say go check both location, and grab the first one u see. Have fun!
  9. damnit. do i really have to buy a plane ticket to japan to get this friggin bag? killin me here!
  10. Japan's prices are definitely higher. My SA mentioned that they have had so many Japanese tourists requesting the Sophie, even though it is more available there. Hawaii's prices are about 25% less than stateside prices. When you're in Hawaii, check if they have the Sophie available, if not, then pick it up in Japan. Right now, none of the Hawaii stores have it in stock.