Sophie in the UK

  1. I called today to ask whether the UK will get any sophie and the SA asked whether its the mono or the mini mono (presume she means anne-sophie)

    well i said the mono one and she said she is not sure and asked me to call back in 15 days later (weired....why call back in 15 days later????)

    well from her tone my hope is high maybe we will get the sophie worldwide afterall.

    i just hope LV can be less secretive.

    if not please can i ask how much does it cost to get the sophie from Japan????

    My cousin's best friend is living in japan and maybe i can ask her to get it for me.
  2. I asked in LV Bond Street tonight, and he said it was Japan and Hawaii only for now.
  3. ^^^ nooooooooo that is very sad. my dream is broken now.
  4. Spoke with SA this morning and she indicated that they have received confirmation that the Sophie will not be launched in Mainland USA. She also indicated that it was created specifically for Japanese clientele. Obviously, there are those who were able to purchase the bag because they lived in Hawaii and/or acquired it from e-bay. I presumed Hawaii is included due to the volume of Japanese tourists. With that being said, the probability of it launching in the UK is slim...:sad:

    I myself am watching a few on e-bay. It's a couple of hundred dollars more than what it retails, but what the hey - it's an awesome bag!!!:yes:
  5. ^^I was told the same yesterday: Japan and Hawaii, only. :sad: I'm very disappointed, and I've become turned off by the bag now (I can be very pessimistic). I think your best bet is to try eBay....
  6. Such a shame - I think it would be a great seller!
  7. awwww Im sorry to hear about this :cursing: You never know maybe the UK will get a special olympic bag In 2012... that would be a treat !
  8. hmm..good thing is im goin to Japan in 2 weeks, bad thing is im not a big fan of sophie...:sweatdrop:I guess im safe with my ban!!! haha!!
  9. ^^^^^ u lucky girl. i'm off to hk in feb and do not think japan will holds anymore sophie by then if not i can just take a day trip to japan just to get the little darling.

    i'm so annoy with LV only issuing lovely LE items in japan and not other countries.
  10. ^^Yea...i know, that sucks :sad:
  11. :yes:

    I :heart: this bag and can't have it :crybaby:
  12. I asked them about the new stuff and they said they have never heard of anything.
  13. awww, how stink... oh well... i guess it just stops me from buying it!!! hehe!!! so this is A good sign!