Sophie in Damier!!!

  1. OMG, a friend called me to tell me that the Sophie is coming out in Damier!!! But it will only be sold in Hawaii and a few other states again! So she's calling to put us down on the waitlist! Ohhh yeahhh!!!:yahoo:
  2. I hope Australia is one of them. Thanks for the info.
  3. No prob!!
  4. wow that would look gorgeous!
  5. it's gonna be a looker!! thanks for the info!!
  6. time to get on every waitlist!
  7. Thanks for the heads up, that bag is going to be gorgeous.
  8. Yes ya should. I missed out on the first Sophie and won't let that happen again!
  9. Whoa- sounds gorgeous!
  10. here's hoping too! is there a particular reason why they would only release it in specific states/countries? :confused1:
  11. Oh wow.
  12. Wow Kuiipo has magic fingers, she beat me to it. It'll be released in Hawaii, Guam and Saipan sometime in August and then will be released in Japan in December. Limited Edition. My SA thought that it will not be released in the US or Europe.
  13. I am calling all three LVs right now!!!!
  14. i need to move to Hawaii... lol. i would love this even more than the mono sophie.
  15. Ooooo wow! I bet that will be gorgeous!