Sophie - impossible to get?


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May 4, 2006
How would you go about getting the beautiful Sophie pochette in Europe if it is only available in Japan and Hawaii, or any such bag for that matter?

I tried the usual, ebay for example, where you'd pay way over retail (which is around $450?) :Push: , let-trade :shrugs: and other places, but so far no luck. :crybaby:
Do you think it would be possible to order one through a local LV store? :confused1: Have you ever done something like that?:nuts:

Thanks for any ideas! :jammin: (And I hope it's ok to ask this generally.)
i would assume that whatever's going on for mainland USA is also the case for US, we're pretty much stuck with all the places you mentioned (ebay, let-trade, etc) because none of the SAs here seem to really know for sure whether it'll be released here. probably if you ask your SAs at your local boutiques, they might say the same thing...or put you on a waiting list while telling you it's not certain it'll even be can refer to the other thread we have about it:

you should definitely call up your LV SAs and ask them - we would love to hear what SAs in europe are saying about how exclusive the sophie is and whether they believe it's being restricted to hawaii/japan only :P
i think you could've placed yourself on hawaii waiting lists some time ago, like when it was first released, but it seems it's impossible to get one now. rileygirl says she went to SAs in hawaii today and they told her the waiting lists were really long and it was almost impossible to get...and i remember someone else saying that one of the places carrying it in hawaii wanted $400 up front from someone just to be on the waiting list, and it wasn't even guaranteed that you would get it. i don't know! argh. maybe someone can volunteer to call the hawaii boutiques to check for sure? though it seems many pfers already went and asked, and the situation seems hopeless :sad: really if you want to know what the situation is like, you should call up any LV boutique SA and check for sure.....

oneflymiss, i believe the sophie is supposed to retail for $425.
Hi Guys, Well, I was sooo oooooo lucky I think there was a cancelation because supposedly the bags went on sale on the 14th here in Hawaii and I called on the 23rd (all 3 boutiques) and Waikiki called back within an hour. When I picked up my bag the straps were not in the plastic so I am thinking that maybe it was a return. Anyway, since then the 2 other stores that I was on the wait list still haven't called and when I went in to the Ala Moana store the SA said the list is lllllllooooonnnnngggggg! I'll try calling again today to get an update and let you all know what I can find out. The thing is that Waikiki and Ala Moana Boutiques are the top two-top three LV sellers in the nation, plus it is xmas so lotsa people buying and lotsa tourists on the island.