Sophie - Has it been knocked off?

  1. Has anybody seen or heard of a fake Sophie? I want to know b/c if i come across one I want to know the chances of it being a knock-off.
  2. You can buy a fake Sophie for $38! I googled Sophie and this one was on the very first page. So look out!
  3. Yup, I've seen fake Sophies... here's one:

  4. :tdown:
  5. tsk tsk
  6. i'm sure there are fake sophies. it wouldn't surprise me, especially since it's a limited bag.
  7. Nowadays everything is being faked, and they are getting pretty fast too. :sad:
  8. :push::s
  9. Sad...:tdown:
  10. That is not good.
  11. how do people make them so fast?! they are so grosssss :sick:
  12. They fake anything and everything these days!
  13. It's been out for awhile and I'm surprised I haven't seen any fakes IRL.
  14. Thanks guys. I figured they were knocked off. I just wanted to confirm it. Now I'm not sure if I want to look for one even tho I really want one. I def don't want to buy a knock-off thinking its the real deal. Thans for your help.
  15. oh no! that is terrible!