Sophie Bags...

  1. Can anyone tell me how much are the Sophie bags in Japan and Hawaii after Tax included too??

    Are there any available in Japan??
  2. they were around £220 I think but I dont know the price for Japan or Hawaii
  3. £220?? Did they sell them in the UK???

  4. No, only Hawaii and Japan but there are none left now. That was a UK price conversion. :smile:
  5. Hehe u got me worried then!! I thought I missed out on something!
  6. They were exclusive to Japan and included Hawaii for USD400.00 before tax and are all sold out... Good luck!
  7. I guess its no point in trying to get one in Japan then cus I wont be able to get hold of one!
  8. you can probably still find them in JP, but definitely for a higher price tag....
  9. Really? In LV Japan??
  10. they were all sold out in japan within a month or so when Sophie came out last Dec....!!!!

    the retail was around 55000 ~ 65000 yen.....i think that's my mom told me when she bought it for me for Christmas!:smile: :heart:
  11. None in Hawaii since January. They were 400 plus 4.71% tax.
  12. I would try calling Louis Vuitton and asking them if there's any left in those locations.
  13. I called and there are none in Hawaii.