Sophie Available in Japan

  1. is it still available in japan NOW?? thanks.
  2. I think it's coming out in November.
  3. ^^ Yup. Not until November (although sometimes things come in earlier in the US; don't know if that holds true for Japan).
  4. I always thought japan got everything first.
  5. sophie will come out in november for damier or mono??
    hope they coming out early as my hubby will be going japan on 14 oct.
    and it will be 400 right ??
  6. In November the DAMIER Sophie will be coming out in Japan.

    As I remember, the Sophie does cost $400USD.

  7. The Sophie in Japan is coming in November, not October. It will be the Damier Sophie, the mono was released already.
  8. ok... thank u girls.. :smile:
    i thought somebody mention might come early sometimes??
    is it possible ??
  9. hey guys!!

    i really want to get me a pochette... but the only one i really like is the damier sophie... :drool::drool::drool:

    does anyone know if i can order it in my european LV boutique?
    did any of you already order a sophie outside of Japan?

    please help!!! i'm dying :lol:
  10. They are only available in Japan or Hawaii.

    I'm pretty sure that the Japan stores won't ship outside their country as well, so your best bet will be on eBay unfortunately.
  11. eBay would be your best answer :yes:
  12. Hi all, can i check if anyone knows if Damier sophie still avaliable in Japan LV stores right now? Thanks :smile:
  13. I'm not sure if stores still have it but if you go to japanese, sophie in damier is still available.
  14. It was available when I went in the LV tokyo store during end January. I would think it should still be available now.
  15. Thanks wubble :smile: