Sophia's Collection

  1. Well this is my first post. im only 14, so please dont expect me to own like a trillion bags hehe. well im not "daddy's girl" i worked for these pieces and bought them with my own money:


  2. Lovely collection! Your taste in LV is exquisite! Thanks for the pictures!
  3. Awww Sophia your collection is up!

    Love the Vavin! ;)
  4. Gorgeous collection :smile:
  5. pretty collection!
  6. Very cute, I like the batignolles !
  7. Sophia! Very cute...

    I'm new with LV. Could you tell me what style the bag in the back left is please? Thanks!

    xoxo L.
  8. Wonderful collection for such a young gal!!
  9. Sure :idea:

    its called the Batignolles. $670

    very gorgeous:love:
  10. Beautiful collection for someone so young ... can't wait to see how your collection grows! Thanks for sharing!
  11. aw :cry:

    thank you :P
  12. i love your collection, especially the batignolles. I've never seen anybody wear it yet, very unique.
  13. i hardly see any one else carry it either. :biggrin:
  14. Your bags are more than great for a 14 yr old! Your bags are great for a 50 yr old. Love em!
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