Sophia's and Stella's

  1. I'm looking into buying one off eBay, I was wondering if there were any tips on WHAT to look for, or links to sites that can help me out??

    I was all ready to buy this one, WHICH I LOVE, and I totally missed the auction this morning!!
    I could puke...

    Anyhow, if anyonw can lead me in the right direction it would be VERY appreciated! :smile:

    Thank you!!!
  2. Vogue1966 has a great Marc Jacobs guide with tips on authenticity. I found it very helpful.

    I just bought a Stella on eBay a couple days ago and I can't wait until it arrives. I can't believe that auction ended for like $200! What an incredible steal, I'm jealous of whoever picked it up.

    I don't think you'll have trouble finding one, are you looking for a pushlock version or the sort with buckles? I personally prefer the buckled model but the pushlocks are cute too.
  3. I recently bought 2 Stellas (Peppermint '03 & Sap Green '04) off eBay, and used Vogue1966's webpage constantly for reference. Because of that, I felt really educated before I made my bids/purchases.

    Do you have a specific color and type of lock in mind? There have been a few Stellas going on eBay for really fantastic prices. Just saw a Thistle '04 go for less than $300. It was in pretty good condition.
  4. Ohhh exciting!!!
    Thank you ladies!!
    I COMPLETELY appreciate it!!!!

    I prefer the buckle, and a darker red...not burgundy but not pinky...
    The Thistle and Sap sound great too.

  5. It looks like there is a Sap right now.
  6. Now that I'm really looking at them, I'm SUPER confused.
    They are ALL different shapes on eBay and have different pocket sizes... yikes. You'd think that would make it easier...
  7. I'm pretty sure the original buckled Stellas and Sofias didn't come out in a dark red, only the bright red that is shown in that completed auction. They also came in dark brown, grape (plum, that's the color I have), black, white, a beautiful dark blue and possible a couple of other colors that I can't remember.
  8. From what I understand, there are a few different types:

    1) Stellas w/ pushlocks (nickel)
    2) New Stellas w/ pushlocks (nickel)
    3) New Totes w/ different pushlocks & straps/buckles down both sides of the bag
    4) Stella Reissues w/ buckles
  9. Ahhhhh!!!!
    Maybe I'll wait until my application for the Marketplaza goes through and see if anyone wants to sell theirs there.

    I DO like the Geranium.

    Thanks again ladies!
  10. I am still kicking myself for not buying the geranium when Jill sold it. It is an awesome color.
  11. Winona,
    I just bought a used Stella not long ago in Pomegranate red. They also made one in Brick red. Those are really good colors to look for. The bag I got was pretty beat up and had a couple pen marks. I was able to remove them with a Mr Clean magic eraser and I also cleaned and conditioned the bag and now it looks great. Keep in mind depending on the season, they either have twill or suede lining. The suede lining makes the bag much heavier. The Pomegranate red bag I got has brown twill lining and is much lighter than other Stellas I own with suede lining. There was also a Stella produced in peacock blue which has dark blue suede lining. This bag is GORGEOUS and one the treasures in my collection that I'll keep forever. They do show up on eBay from time to time so keep your eyes peeled. Also, chicbags, a member of this forum is a MJ expert so you can also PM her if you need help.
  12. The bag in the auction that ended was from the original release Resort '02 season. The color was Vermillion Red. It was named Sofia with a F and was larger than the current Sophia with a P. This was the super buttery leather. The lining was a very heavy suede.
  13. ^^ way to make me feel worse ;)
    I was watching that auction for a week, and figured I'd be home for the ending, but got called out at the last minute.
    I'm officially signed on to bidnapper now.