sophia zipperheads - help!

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  1. And voilà, I won an auction for a Sophia on eBay... but I did not see pictures of the zippers...
    Should I ask before paying?

    I know, it was not very prudent, and I should have had that bag authentified:throwup:...

    Can you help me, what should I ask?

    FYI this is my first MJ.....
  2. The zipperheads should all be riri. I know longer own a padlock Sophia, so I can't remember if they should be M4s or M6s, but they should definitely be marked riri with the size (M#) below it. Because this bag is lined with canvas, there should also be a Made in Italy label on the back wall of the rear section -

    I'm a little concerned about this bag - there's five sets of grommets on the shoulder strap and as far as I know, "newer" Sophia bags with padlock pockets should only have three sets of grommets (where the shoulder strap adjusts). The older bags (with brass buckles) had five sets, but I don't recall ever seeing a padlock Sophia w/five grommets -

    Perhaps someone else can shed some light on this - Did MJ ever add five sets of grommets to new Sophias with padlock pockets??
  3. My Sophia has 5 grommets, pushlocks, cloth interior, Lampo zippers and MII stamped onto the leather lip. :yes:
  4. Iluv, Milly : Thank you so much
  5. I honestly never saw this, esp the Made in Italy stamped into the leather on a canvas lined bag. Is your Sophia the black one (like the one clara won?) I do know that's one of the few Sophias that has the squared front zipper pocket too (most of the other color have pointed ends) - perhaps the black was made differently from all the seasonal colors??
  6. Mine is white with white cloth interior. I believe it is from 2003 but I could be wrong.
  7. I will tell you as soon as I receive it
  8. I think it depended on the season/leather of the bag. I noticed that some fabric lined sophias with the square leather front zippers do have Lampo zippers and five grommets. I'm pretty sure this one will have Lampo zippers as well.
  9. Lampo zipper heads on this one... cannot find the MII on the lip... where is it exactly..,?
    I like the bag, but honestly, It's waaaay too small for me...I need to learn to transfert inched into centimenters...
    thank you so much for you help !
  10. Sophias tend to be a bit small. The MII is probably imprinted on the lip, somewhere in the interior near the very end/side of the bag.