Sophia vs. Multi-Pockets

  1. I just want to know which bag is roomier and is more comfortable when carrying it. I really want a buy a good shoulder bag coz most of my bags are hand carries .... any comments/suggestions/pics of you carrying one are welcome :smile: Thanks!!
  2. IMO the MP has more room, but it sometimes can be uncomfortable to carry on the shoulder for long periods of time. The Sofia is much more comfortable to carry because it has a wide strap, but for me, it seems to carry less b/c of the three partitions. It's still a nice sized bag though.
  3. Agree with thithi, the MP seems roomier overall, but I find the zip-across top kind of a pain to get in and out of when I'm shopping and busily trying to access the innards. The Sophia closes with a magnetic button, so you're in and out in a flash. :happydance:
  4. Thank you! I think I am leaning more towards to Sophia too. I saw someone carrying it and fell in :heart: with it immediately!:nuts:
  5. I love how my multipocket looks but as I mentioned in another thread, I find it a bit uncomfortable because of the rolled shoulder strap. It has loads of room though-