Sophia request

  1. Does anyone have a picture of themselves (or someone) carrying a Sophia. I am trying to get a real-life gauge of the size, not just the measurements. Thanks!
  2. In my opinion, for what it's worth, the Sophia bag isn't designed for anyone who carries bulky items. I think that it's too thin for my stuff.
  3. I agree with Bag-Addict. I bought one of the Sophias on eBay. It was my first MJ and I absolutely loved the design. But I have to tell you, I do not carry alot of stuff at all (I have two small MP's and they are perfect for me), and I could not hang with the Sophia. I re-sold it on eBay in less than a week of using it. Even putting my wallet, a cosmetics bag, and a few other very little things, like a cell phone and my car keys, it was too over-full. And the fact that it has three compartments is really funny! If you try to fill all three compartments, it just does not work. It is too flat of a design for 3 compartments. It either needs to be less flat, or just have one large compartment instead of three, and I think it might work better. I found that I only used the main compartment in my week's time with this bag. Too bad, because it is a lovely style, and on the other hand, the Stella is way too big. There should be a medium size in between.
    Either way, good luck and I hope you can find a bag you really love!