Sophia question

  1. I recently purchased 2 used Sophias-they are gorgeous! Ever since developing this handbag frenzy of mine-I have had Coach, LV and now MJ and I am really thinking I am a major MJ girl!

    Anyway-one of the Sophias has a small imprinted tag inside it that says Made In Italy, the other one doesn't. Is this odd? Do all Sophias have this tag? Or, possibly they did different things in different years? The one that has the imprinted tag (it is actually a sewn in piece of leather) is a cucumber color which I think is older than the other one which is a maroon color.

    Oh-I just noticed another difference-the inside of the cucumber one is cloth while the inside of the maroon one is suede.

  2. I have found that the older suede bags have "made in italy" stamped in the suede while the fabric bags have a tag that says "made in italy" The newer MJ bags will usually have "made in italy" on the metal nameplate. If you go to the "authenticate this- there are some real experts there.
  3. joeyjimmy is right, details are not consistent for different seasons of MJ. I think he does it to keep fakers on their toes. Just keep in mind that every authentic MJ bag will have "Made in Italy" somewhere in the bag.

    Congrats on your cucumber and maroon, those are both lovely colors!!!

    LOL.... and welcome to the dark side. muah hahahahah...
  4. D-The other posters are spot on, I just wanted to tell you that I am glad you discovered MJ!
  5. Thanks ladies! I really wasn't concerned about authenticity, I bought them from friends. Iit was more curiosity. Very weird how he changes things all the time!

    As for the dark side-LOL! Yeah, it just hit me today about seeming to prefer MJ bags-there are just sooo many of them I like! Not to say I am giving up LV ;)

    Thanks !

  6. Same here Nishi! Congrats on your new MJ bags and welcome to our world. :yes:
  7. Thank you!

    (bows) (curtsies)
  8. Nishi - congrats on your new MJ addiction - I have to say that I have found MJ even more addictive than LV!