Sophia~Question & Review~

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  1. I cannot believe how many textures this bag comes in.Croc,Patent Leather,Leather,Python,Zebra,(Op Art Dot)my personal favorite,& Gathered Leather.I think I covered them all!I don't recall a Collection having all of these included in it.I could be wrong.It's like there is a type of Sophia for everyone:smile:I just wanted to know if this makes it harder for you to decide which bag you want? I personally went towards the dot op art because it is different, and I like how the C's are one of a kind.I do really like the shape of this bag as well.It is a mix between 2 great bags, the Sabrina and the Claire, imo.I for one like the shoulder strap, and I don't find that it buckles, like some have said.It may on the large, or it may just be thhe leather Sophia's.The dot op art are more structured as I said before,they don't puddle either.So if you have anything to add to this thread about Sophia, please do.:smile:
  2. Love, love, love this bag!

    I have the black gathered Sophia, the camel patent Sophia, and the crimson patent Sophia. What I love about this style is that it's, IMO, the perfect size, and has the ability to complement both casual and dressier looks. It's light/comfortable to carry, and looks spectacular! Huge props to Coach for this bag!
  3. Hi..could really use your advice. I am looking to purchase this same bag in the sequin black/grey. 15940. And am wondering how it sits. I travel a lot and typically have a very heavy purse (currently have a carryall with everything in it including an iPad), does this bag sit well or does it tend to fall over. Thanks for your your bag!
  4. I am totally in love too. I have the small in the leather and croc and find it does not buckle when carried by the shoulder strap. The large one does however; but I don't mind this and like the slouch effect. I am waiting for the small dotted op art silver one to arrive. I can't wait until the line is finally up on the website so we can see the other accessories that will be offered. :smile:
  5. Cate, what size do you have?
  6. could someone who has both the small sophia and the large post modeling pictures using the shoulder strap? I may return the large sophia for a small. tia
  7. I would say that the leather and zebra puddle.But I know the dot op art,croc,and patent leather don't puddle.Hopefully someone will correct me if I'am wrong.I do know that mine(the dot op art) sits well, and hangs nicely with the shoulder strap.The Sophia line is nice, imo.It really depends on which one you choose.They come in alot of colors and textures as I said.
  8. Cate, I'am so happy you love yours to.Do you have a favorite?Mine would be the only one I have,lol.You are right when you say that they are light and comfortable to carry.I have the small and she is the perfect size for me:smile:I agree Huge props to Coach for this bag.:yahoo:
  9. Hi Dawn!!
    I like your Dot Op Art Sophia!!! I just saw it in the Crimson color just yesterday at both Nordstrom and got a sneak peak at one of my FP Coach stores. I love it!!! Usually I stick with leather but I am seriously thinking about using my PCE to get her!!!
    She kind of reminds me of my Julianne. I also got a sneak peak of the Toffee Croc Sophia and the Black Pleated Sophia. They were both very nice.
    Coach is making me crazy with all of these new bags coming out!!! LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  10. I returned some of my large ones for the small. It is nice to have the larger one for when you want to carry more, though. I would have to say that I prefer the small overall. I think with all the leathers, textures, etc, it makes it more confusing for me to know which ones I really like better. :nuts:
  11. Hi Lynne! Thank you and I would really suggest this bag to anyone:smile:I haven't seen the other colors irl yet.I'am hoping to see the accessorie's this weekend or hopefully online!I'am going in person to see how the colors are.I'am thinking about getting a cosmetic bag and maybe a skinny, but both in colors other than my black sophia!
  12. I hope Coach has the new wallets and accessories up on there site tomorrow so I can look and decide what I want! LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. oohh, does this mean the site maybe updated tomorrow.:graucho:
  14. I have the large! I'm generally a larger bag girl, and the large Sophia is the optimal size for me!
  15. I am really liking the shape of the Sophia. It reminds me of my LV Tivoli. So far I've bought the Floral Sophia, the Clover print ,and the black gathered leather one.