Sophia owners: question!

  1. I checked it and I'm sorry to report it doesn't. :shucks:
  2. I will check tonight if you can wait that long. In my mind, the top bends because the bottom is not structured enough. This solves the structure problem. Oh, and mine is so full of junk, it does not have any chance of bending, lol!
  3. I use the small size Divide & Conquer, it fits the interior almost exactly. It definitely helps with the slouchies.

  4. So very sorry for the delay; my hubby surprised me with a weekend get-a-way. I thought it was odd that my in-laws were home when I got home . . . I had one hour to pack and spout off kiddo instructions. It was hectic but so much fun (and I am not a surprise kinda girl). Here are the pics with my divide and conquer (extra large) in my large sophia:
    Sophia 1.jpg Sophia 2.jpg Sophia 3.jpg
  5. Oooh how sweet! Hope you had fun!

    Thanks for the pics! I'm beginning to realize Sophia isn't for me and I can't "fix" her to make her not bend.
  6. I'm done buying Sophias for the bending reason alone, because I need a shoulder strap. I would attach the straps front and back to the handle area...I did this on my gathered Sophia. I think it's crazy that Coach didn't see how this looked when they designed it. But most people never use the shoulder strap...

    I'm referring to the old large Sophias. The newer smaller version may not do this as much.
  7. It was REALLY fun. I am sorry to hear they are not working for you. I just now realized you are in Canada . . . I am pretty sure someone posted D&C only ships domestically :sad:. Well, rats! Hopefully I understood your bending question. I really do think some structure would cure your wows. If all else fails, I will gladly accept you cast-offs, lol!
  8. You know, the D&C used in my pics is not the extra tall one . . . I wonder if the extra tall would go close enough to the top and still zip? I do have an extra tall one I could try and take more pics - I do not think it is long enough but at least it would give large owners with this issue an idea of a possible solution . . . I will post pics tonight!
  9. Ok, extra tall divide and conquer (not quite long enough - would need the length to stop the dip on the left side) to show the difference using the additional height in an organizer: