Sophia madison size

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  1. What is the best size sophia to go with the large or small? I want to wear it on my shoulder. Need help on deciding which one.
  2. If you want to be able to wear the small handles over the shoulder, go for large. But both have the long strap anyway. I personally like the smaller one tho because a large handheld bag just gets in the way. It's too wide when carried on the nook of the arm. The large one is also a bit heavier.
  3. I agree. SMALL!!! I love my small Sophia's.
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    I personally disagree with ulikey, I find that the small just isn't good for me. I don't think the large handheld gets in the way at all.

    You can wear the large and small over your shoulder with the long strap, however to wear the short straps over your shoulder, you need the large.
    I've used the long strap maybe once. I much prefer wearing the short straps over my shoulder or in the nook of my arm.

    I would recommend that if you can, go and try them on. The size of the Sophia definitely isn't one we can decide for you. It's so dependent on your body type/height.
  5. ill say large and its really not that large more like a medium
  6. How tall are you OP? Maybe your frame will help det. which size will look better on you. I'm 5'4" 115 lbs and the small looks great on me.
  7. I have the small clover print sophia..I find that this size is perfect!!!With the open compartment, it makes finding your ecssentials easier.It just depends on your own personal needs.You really can't go wrong with either, because the style is so classy and sophisticated..Good Luck deciding:smile:Oh and btw, I'm 5ft. and 130 lb.s
  8. I have the same problem, I can't decide between the large and small... I'm tall and thin, so both would work fine for me, but sometimes i prefer smaller bags, and recently i started carrying large ones as well (MSB), depends on how you want to carry them on your shoulder. If you want it with both handles on your shoulder, I'd say get the large, but if you're fine with only the long strap on your shoulder you could easily get the small...
    And of course it depends what amount of things you plan to carry as well :smile:
  9. I own mostly small Sophia's but also own a large one. The large feels sooo much bigger than the small, but it actually is only a few inches bigger. I kind of like the fact that I can put so much more of my stuff in the large one but I guess I would have to say that I prefer the smaller Sophia for most days, but do like the larger one for when I want to carry more. I think the best thing to do is to try both of them with all your stuff in them and see which one fits your needs best. They both are very comfortable for me to use ~ (I am short - 5' 2"). Good luck with your decision. Come back and let us know which one you choose.
  10. I agree! It is such a great size, looks great, and has a great slouch. I have the large Crimson Sophia, and the large Croc Sophia in Toffee, I am 5'3 and they both definitely get complimented & noticed! LOVE THE LARGE!:smile:
  11. Large definitely! Its 17 inches wide vs. 14 inches and only 40 dollars more. Its so much more roomier and when you fill it up it still fits on your shoulder. When the small one is filled up it feels awkward.
  12. I am not able to fit the small sophia on my shoulder. Only can wear it using handles in the large....Here's a couple pics to help you see the size, if that with how the large looks when handles are on shoulder and another when worn as satchel.

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  13. Hi your pics did not come through.