sophia large one

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  1. Does anyone have the large sophia bag how do they like it? Is it really big o r want the red patent leather one?
  2. I have the large Crimson..I adore it!! It such a perfect size. Holds everything and fits nicely on the shoulder as well as a satchel.
  3. I personally didn't like how the large corners folded over after it has been used (saw my SA's large crimson) or how it kind of buckled in the center when putting it on my shoulder so I went with the small. I tried both in the fp store with my stuff in each to compare.
  4. I tried both in the store. The large was too large for me. I wanted to carry it as a satchel and just didn't like how big it was on my arm. I went with the small and love it.
  5. I like the large as both a satchel and a shoulder bag-the best of both worlds I guess. I opted for the large because the corners fold down, giving it a more relaxed look to it.
  6. I agree, that's why I like the large Sophia. I like the way the corners fold down. Also an iPad fits in it nicely.
  7. i have not seen any in real life yet,been very busy and sick the past few days,but id love to see,im planning to get the black gathered leather and/or the patent leather in the crimson. i carry bags on my arm all the time its a habit....even shoulder bags so im not sure which size ill go for.
  8. I have the large red one. I get compliments on it everywhere I go. Its a good purse if you carry a lot of stuff. its huuuuge!:smile:
  9. I have the large sophia in two colors. I was told by my SA that the red patent leather one was sold out as of yesterday morning. I have it in the gray python embossed and the blue patent leather. Love it!
  10. Online, the large crimson is on backorder till 11/28. This is the second time it sold out online and they replenished it last time. When it says backorder, they are going to replenish it
  11. I have 2 large Sophias and I love them both!

    My newest one:


    The one I got before that:

  12. Those aren't Sophias...They are shoulder bags. LOL!
  13. They are Sophias. They are beautiful and I love them. They hold a lot of things and have a real sophisticated look to them.
  14. I agree with PCL, they are not Sophia's. Look at the thread on here about the madison shoulder bags.