sophia kokosalaki

  1. Hello,
    Does anyone have anything by her? I recently bought two Sophia Kokosalaki dresses at the Calypso sample sale don't know much about her. What are your thoughts on her clothes?

    I saw she did a line for topshop and also had the honor of designing some of Greece's clothes for the Olympics.

  2. Sophia Kokosolaki is a Greek designer and practically invented the modern day Grecian dress. One of her most famous creations, was the dress that she designed for the singer Bjork who performed her song 'Oceana' for the Greek 2004 Olypmics final closing party. The dress was sensational. Pics below.

    Sophia is known for beautiful draping folds of fabric to create Greek goddesses out of modern women.
    Bjork Sophia Kokosalaki dress.jpg Bjork Sophia Kokosalaki dress2.jpg Bjork Sophia Kokosalaki dress3.jpg
  3. I love her! She was the first designer Vionnet hired to relaunch the brand last year (but despite getting critical and commercial acclaim, they parted ways after one season). She is known for her draping and her cut out designs.

    I didn't realize that Calypso sold her clothes.
  4. I love her. Congrats on the dresses!
  5. she's doing a line for nine west and there are rumors of Sophia Kokosalaki for target as well
  6. Sophia Kokosalaki is also a famous graduate of Saint Martin's London School of Fashion as John Galliano and other famous designers...