Sophia dot op art PURPLE! no tease, just pics!

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  1. I also posted in the Sophia thread, but thought I would post here too. I am a little over 5' 9'' for height reference.
    I thought the bag was gonna be too big, but I acutally like the size of it. The last pic I shortened the strap a bit, it feels comfier on the shoulder a little shorter.
    I didn't take a pic of the interior, but it is like a gunmetal color. darker silver. LOVE this bag!!



    Please excuse my POS camera and bathroom!

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  2. The bag looks great on you. Congratulations!

    I carried a Sophia around the store but it felt awkward on me.
  3. Beautiful bag! How did you shorten the strap?

  4. THANKS!!

    You know in the store it did on me too! Still kinda does, just figured it was because I haven't carried this type of bag before. Latest bag I am carrying is a burberry TOTE. Tote vs. this bag is a big difference.

  5. Well the SA and I were messing around with the straps cause I wanted a crossbody. It has 2 hoops on the strap, so I just looped it thru and connected it and it made it shorter. It makes and odd loop in the strap near the end, but you can't notice it if you aren't looking for it. I just liked it a little shorter.
  6. very pretty -- and I like the way she looks on you w/ the longer strap shortened.

    Congrats, OP !!
  7. beautiful! congrats!
  8. CONGRATS!! Another bag twin for me .. LOL! What a great idea about the straps; I will have to try that :smile:!
  9. PRETTY! I love purple!!
  10. Such a cute bag!
  11. Julie the Sophia looks beautiful on you. This is a very pretty purple. I love it on you.
  12. Thats so pretty on you!!!!
  13. it looks great on you ! enjoy it
  14. WOOT!! Thanks for all the replies. I am falling in love with her even more everytime I look at the pics!! HA!!
  15. great bag ~ congrats!

    i just picked up my crimson patent leather sophia yesterday (along with the crimson op art wristlet) and LOVE them!

    the shortened shoulder strap looks great ~ i will definitely have to do this once i break her out :smile:

    enjoy your beautiful new sophia :yahoo: