Sophia dilemma

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  1. Should I keep the beautiful floral Sophia or buy the classique Gathered Sophia ? Do you use your sophia bags to work ? I have not cut the tags off on my floral. I am not sure what to do. I saw on the forum that the gathered Sophia is the most popular. Do any of you ladies have both ?
  2. I finally saw the floral sophia IRL. Meh. I like the gathered way better.
  3. I LOVE the Gathered over the Floral. To me, the Floral is too busy while the Gathered is very elegant and can be used for work and play :smile:.
    Not to steal your thread, but I am contemplating returning my Zebra for the Gathered!
  4. I vote for gathered but may be biased since I love my black one to death. haven't seen the floral one IRL but I agree with others that from the pic it looks quite busy.
  5. I much prefer the gathered to the floral Sophia.
  6. Well.....I've only seen pics.....but I personally like the look of the floral better. I think it is really just up to personal preference. I like the gathered too, but based on photos I'd pic floral. NOW, if I see the bags IRL I might think differently, I don't know.
  7. I have both and love both, but wear the gathered much, much more. If I had to pick one, it would be the gathered.
  8. Sophia doesn't work for me, but between the two, I love the way the gathered looks. So gorgeous
  9. I like the gathered Sophia better.
  10. I have the floral Sophia and I do prefer it to the gathered. But the gathered is beautiful though! I do feel like the floral bag is kind of a dressy or special occasion bag. The gathered seems to be more of an everyday bag.
  11. Out of the 2, I would vote for the gathered.I personally didn't care for either thats why I got the reg. leather in black..But all in all, the style is great for work, or play... Good Luck;)
  12. the floral is so pretty and soft.... i would choose the floral :heart:
  13. I have both. I have used my Black Large Gathered Sophia, but I have not cut the tags off of my Floral Sophia. I really like both bags, but I think that the Floal Sophia is a bag that you have to be really careful with. I have taken my Gathered Sophia to work and I really like the way the bag looks. I plan on ordering the grey during next PCE if they are still in stock. I think that you should get both of them if you are able to. The Floral is a gorgeous bag.
  14. When i saw pictures I loved the floral but IRL the gathered is so goregous and the leather so soft and interesting so I went with it!
  15. Floral is gorgeous, but heck I'd be afraid she'll fall aprt shortly!!! I vote for gathered on that note!!!