Sophia Coppola Slim Clutch - Which One?

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Which One?????

  1. Mono Slim Clutch

  2. Suede Slim Clutch

  3. HG - Graffiti Speedy

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hey everyone,

    I need help in deciding my next LV. I plan to make my next purchase sometime in the Spring. I was at the boutique yesterday and I had the hardest time deciding which SC Slim Clutch I like better. Both are stunning, the suede is very nice but not that practical. Here is a pic, let me know what I should do? I am so confused as each has it procs and cons.

    Cheaper than the suede
    More durable
    More versatile, I will use it more and I can use it for work

    I have a few Mono pieces already

    Very pretty - my heart skipped a beat when I tried it on
    I don't have anything like this in my collection

    Very expensive - I don't have anything this expensive in my current collection
    Not versatile - I will most likely use this once a year. Very formal.
    Very small
    Not as durable and the suede is high maintenance

    I already have the following clutches: Mono Eva, Mono Pochette Accessoires, White MC Pochette Accessoires, Red Epi Pochette Accessoires and Copper Limelight Clutch.

    Which one should I get? Is the price tag worth it? Should I just forget about it and get my HG which is a 2001 Graffiti Speedy?

    Please give me your feedback. TIA.

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  2. Go for the speedy! You already have a lot of clutches!
  3. I've also had my eye on SC since they came out but was never able to justify since I never go anywhere. But it's still one of those pieces that is good to have when the occasion pops up. The Suede is really stunning but the small size and care issues would make me say go with the Mono.
  4. I'd go with the Mono clutch
  5. I voted for the monogram clutch. I like it because it fits more and it's more practical for daily use!
  6. Thanks for all the feedback, keep them coming.
  7. Mono clutch:smile:
  8. mono!
  9. Mono!
  10. Mono SC!!! I have one & I love it. but then again the 01 grafitti speedy is tdf. I finally got one in mint condition & I love that too. both are great bags but totally diff. you can dress the SC up or down but not the grafitti speedy...
  11. The 2001 Graffiti Speedy!
  12. I have the mono clutch and absolutely adore it!
  13. Suede Slim Clutch.
  14. Sued slim, FOR SURE! :biggrin:
  15. I bought the suede one yesterday and I love it :love:- it is soooo classy and unique. LV does not have anything similar. I had the same decision to make and I decided to pick the suede one and I am very happy with my choice. Even if you are wearing jeans it looks great with it. I think the price difference between the mono and the suede is not that big...