Sophia Bush - New Year, New Old Navy Celebration (Jan 30, 2008)

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  3. she looks good~
  4. you just cant say no to a girl with dimples...
  5. love her!! still hard to believe she was once married to chad michael murray.. perhaps he couldnt resist the dimples ;)
  6. She looks very pretty !
  7. She's really pretty. I too can't believe she was once married to CMM.
  8. She looks great!

  9. why is that hard to believe? was he a jerk of something?:shrugs:
  10. she looks really pretty
  11. She looks so pretty. I am loving the new episodes of one tree hill. It makes me want to watch the previous seasons that I've missed.
  12. she is sooo gorgeous...i love her style
  13. I think he cheated on her with Paris Hilton. Now he's engaged to a girl that was an extra on OTH; she was 17 when they started dating.

  14. This is the girl he married?! I knew the whole drama involving Paris, I just had no idea Sophia Bush was the wife...and Paris said she helped him pick out the engagement ring after one of their many sexual encounters.:throwup: Sophia is pretty, but not a good actress at all.
  15. She's so pretty...& I love her dimples, wish I had some :sad: