Sophia Broken Closure Issue

  1. Has anybody had their magnetic closure break on them? I have a Sophia and rarely use it. The one time I bring it with me on a trip, the magnetic closure part broke. One side of it completly came off. Luckily, it was stuck to the other magnetic part. I was able to stick the prongs back in the hole however, it came off again and I had to search for 20 minutes on the street looking for this magnetic part! Went directly to the MJ store and they said they will fix it but since I didn't live in the area, will have to make a trip to my local MJ store. They better not charge. But wondering if anybody has had any experience with this issue?
  2. Wow, that's never happened to me! How sad! I hope you get your sophia fixed soon!
  3. Ohh i am soo sorry :sad: hope you can get this fixed without having to spend any $$$.
  4. urghhh that's annoying!! sometimes i'm scared that the leather will rip out when i open bags with the magnetic closure... my sophia closure seems to be a VERY STRONG one==P

    HOpe it gets fixed soon!! let us know if they charge you?
  5. :yes: Me too. I usually help it open by slipping my fingernail in between, rather than just pulling.

    Best wishes with the repair...
  6. A piece of silver just fell off my MP. I did not notice until I was on my way home. Lucky for me it was in my office. I was wondering about fixing it.
  7. Thanks everyone! I called the MJ store in San Francisco and they asked if I had bought it a MJ store (which I did). If they are able to locate the purchase in their system, it sounded like the repairs would be taken care of but it would take about 6 weeks to repair cause they would send it to NY. Thats a long time!

    I'm just bummed cause I rarely use the bag and I guess its not a common problem. I guess I got a "lemon." But, I still love my bag! Thanks everyone for the input.