Soothing after bikini wax

  1. Can anyone recommend a product that soothes the skin and helps with the itching after a wax? About 2 wks after my wax when the hair starts to grow back it reallly, really itches. And the tenderness after the wax went away after about 2 wks. Its like one pain went away and another started :sad: any suggestions would be appreciated :confused1:
  2. I woul djust try cream, but I have heard that you should exfoliate when the hairs begin to grow back, xx
  3. I use PFB Vanish - a great help against in-grown hair regrowth and itching.
  4. exfoliate huh? I'll have to try that next time, thanks!
  5. Tylisa,
    It should not be itching while coming back in. If the wax is done properly the follicle will generate a new hair that is not "prickly" like a hair that has been shaved. I'm going to venture to say that your tech did not wax you very well and actually broke the hair off instead of taking it out from the papilla. This will cause it to grow in itchy like razor stubble not soft and fine like it should be. If you apply the wax and pull it in the wrong direction, this is likely to happen.
    I know we discussed how painful it was and that you might try another tech, after this incident I would definitely say try someone new!
    Also, the exfoliation will totally help to avoid ingrown hair.....again, when it's done properly! What can tend to happen is that while the follicle is regenerating a new hair, the opening can become clogged with epithelial cells and that makes it impossible for the new hair to break through. It then goes in any direction it can which is generally right back down into your skin. So, for sure do the exfoliating! I use one of those buff puff type scrubbies in the shower to avoid that problem.
    If you still experience problems with another technician you can purchase a product called "Tend Skin". It is a professional product that will help you to avoid ingrown hairs and skin irritations. It is generally sold by the spa but I'm sure it's easily accessable on line, too.

    Good luck!
  6. Try crushing up a few aspirin and mixing it with about 2 tablespoons of water, dip a cotton ball in it and rub it on your bikini area. Aspirin is an good for inflammation. This should be soothing and seems to always help me!
  7. I got a couple bottles of some stuff (that I cannot find since my house move) that had glycolic acid in it. I would rub a moist cotton pad with the liquid. A chemical exfoliator. Worked like a charm.

  8. This is what I'm thinking and already decided I won't be going back there, I did a bunch of reading before I went to wax and was shocked that I had the same feeling I would have had I shaved. Thanks for confirming!