Soot on theory sweater? Help!

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  1. I just bumped into the inside door of my woodstove while helping my husband- I got a spot of soot on the shoulder of my Theory Juliet-Cashcotton sweater. How do I clean it? I am about to cry- I searched the internet for a month because this sweater was sold out and stupidly should not have been helping with a household chore while wearing it. Do I soak it? Stain-stick it? Drop it at the dry cleaners tomorrow? Help!:sad:
  2. Take it to the cleaners, dont attempt to put anything on it yourself...

    I know what sweater you are talking about, I gave up my search for one...
  3. My only worry is that I read that you can't let soot sit for too long or it will set in- so I feel like I have to do something! By the way it has been popping up off and on the Nordstrom sale page for about $140. My DH won't let me buy another but he may have to change his mind soon.
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