Soooooooooooo Pissed off with Buyer - PLEASE HELP

  1. Hi all, Im so pissed off with a buyer, I listed a Louis vuitton item for a lowish price considering there are none of these on eBay and when there are they go for alot.

    Anyway I also put best offer on my listing, I got 4 offers, all of which were under $200, I then got an offer of $200, the item had only been listed 2 days, and I was in need for the cash so I accepted the offer.

    I give a 3 day pay policy and if the buyer doesnt pay then I just e-mail them asking kindly if they could pay, I did this on the 3rd day but very late.

    on the 5th day I get this e-mail:


    Firstly, please allow me to apologise on myself, as I will not be able to pay for this exquiste item due to unforseen costs to my latest Vodafone bill. I hope you can understand.

    I do apologise sincerely,

    Many thanks.

    Now when I read that it made me soooooooooooo angry, Why best offer on something you CANT pay for ??, and now I have to deal with re-listing fees, Im not too bothered about that but I KNOW I could have sold this item for more but I was in need of cash and thought the buyer would of paid.

    Im really pissed off, I think this buyer needs to learn a lesson, he cant keep doing this :cursing:
  2. ALSO - I understand that people may have problems and cant pay for items etc. but why make an offer ??, I just dont understand. Im usually very understanding but this one just annoys me.
  3. That's exactly why I never do best offers anymore. Too many buyer's playing games with no consequence from eBay. When they figure out a way to add the Immediate Payment Required option to those type of auctions, I may begin using it again. Until then, I'll pass.
  4. FILE A MUTUAL AGREEMENT to cancel the sale and recoup your fees...
  5. Making an offer is equal to bidding and is a contract. Once the selleryou accepted it, the buyer is obligated to pay. File a payment reminder and non-paying bidder afterwards. When I listed my items of Best Offer, I always checked bidders' rating. Once a buyer offered me the full price but didn't do BIN. His/her rating was only one or two, I rejected that buyer's offer but accepted another lower bid. I'd rather making less money but dealing with problematic buyers.

    I am sorry that you have to deal with relisting. Maybe this time it will sell higher since it is closer to the holiday. Good luck!
  6. The thing that really bugs me about eBay is that they claim that bidding/buying is a legally binding contract, but they never actually do anything about it when someone doesn't pay, i.e. breaks the contract. You can only file an unpaid item dispute, and if they don't pay it they only get an unpaid strike. Big deal! They just broke a legally binding contract. I'm pretty sure in other walks of life if you break a contract you have to make good on it. Sooo frustrating!
  7. It is so annoying when people do this sort of thing - l would go through the non paying bidder process so that she gets an unpaid strike. If she was to change her mind and eventually pay she could be more trouble than its worth. I would also make a point of blocking her from buying on anymore of my auctions and posting on tPF her name etc to prevent her from doing the same to someone else.

  8. Give them an unpaid item strike, ebay will refund you selling fees. Next time don't bother with offers. Just list it with auction or a Buy It Now.
  9. Yup, do that--you should get your fees back. Though the very annoying thing with that is that you have to wait forever for ebay to refund your fees. First u have to give buyer 7 days to pay before filling NPB. Then, ebay will send the warning to buyer, and i think they have another 7 days to pay. i believe only after that time passes and they don't pay, eBay then refunds your fees. (I've never experienced non-paying bidder before, so i'm not sure if this is 100% true, but that is what seems to be the case hearing from other's experience)
  10. Unfortunately I've had to open quite a few unpaid item disputes. The bad thing about ebay unpaid item strikes is that although you get the final value fee back, you only get a credit back for the relist if your item sells again. If it doesn't sell, you're out both listing fees which really sucks.
  11. Yes the refund process is 2 weeks!
  12. I hear ya, I have the same thing happening to me. People buying and then changing their minds. I had 3 in the last 2 weeks! and I only had 5 bags to sell!