Soooooooooo happy!!!I'm in the Speedy set!!

  1. :love: I bought it!! It's beautiful even my daughter loves it she said when she's older can she have it(that's a compliment coming from her).
    MY SPEEDY 25 i looked at the Popincourt and a few others but it was love at first sight,i even bought a pochette accessoire to keep her company,i clipped it on the hook inside.It's pratically new born the date-code says SP0026.I'm so happy.
    The LV boutique is beautiful, gorgeous bags,beautiful shoes and clothes and foulards.The SA's were really polite and helpful not the classical superiority syndrome that some SA's get when working in certain boutiques.
    I didn't even get parking ticket which is strange when you go inti the center of Milan in your car.
  2. Congratulations on your perfect Vuitton speedy! WOW! You have wonderful taste and I am sure it's beautiful! Feel free to take a picture to show her off! Enjoy it!
  3. Kerri Sounds Like The Best Day Ever (Shopping In The Center Of Milan!)!!!

    Congratulations On Fabuloys New LV!!! That Is So Cute About Your Daughter....She Needs A Mini Sac!

    Enjoy Sweetie!!!
  4. congrats on ur speedy! u will really love it. its so durable and classy!
  5. Yay! What a great feeling :nuts: Congrats on your purchase!
  6. I even want one...LOL!
  7. I know, Jill, I know. Me too. :lol:
  8. :nuts: Congrats!!!
  9. Enjoy your wonderful purchases!
  10. Happy for you. Enjoy your bag!
  11. Thanks everyone i couldn't wait to get home to tell you all,i was saying to my DH i have to tell my friends on the forum,he laughed.
    As soon as i get pics i'll show you all.
  12. Congratulations, that bag will always be stylish.
  13. Yay!!!! Congratulations!!
  14. Congratulations! I can feel your excitement. I felt the same way when I got my speedy.
  15. Congratulations and enjoy!!!