Soooooooo My Nimbus Is Finally In

  1. Just got the call :yahoo: :confused1:
    Trouble is that I tend to spill & can be a little messy so I ordered beige instead of the lovely ecru. I told my SA that I may want the ecru instead & she doesn't think that will happen :sad: I have seen & held the Ecru but never the beige.
    What to do, do I hobble on down to the store for a look see, take what I can get, pass & probably not be able to find an ecru? I really don't feel like going all the way down there just to look at it & probably would have it delivered since I am in a full arm cast. Just don't feel like going to LV in such a state & not being able to do my hair or make-up.
    What do you guys & gals think? Is the beige Nimbus worth the trip , will I fall in love with the [slightlty dirty looking] color or should I pass??
  2. TBQH, I like beige looks really nice... especially if you don't think you'd be able to keep ecru clean.
  3. i personally prefer the Ecru; the two-tone color is absolutely beautiful. and yes the Beige does look a little dirty
  4. That's what I was afraid of, even though Syntagmas looks pretty:heart:
  5. I like the ecru...from what I've seen in pictures, the beige just reminds me too much of wrinkly skin :push: But you should still go see it in person before you make a decision!
  6. I like both colors! Taco, don't sweat it! Wait till you get it and then make a decision.
  7. I had my choice of both and choose the beige. Just my personal preference!
  8. i think both are lovely taco. i agree with irene--see which one blows your skirt up when you see them IRL! :graucho:
  9. I just thought of something - if you are actually planning on using it, go with beige. If it's already "dirty" looking to you, when it does get a little dirty (from use), it won't bother you as much!:p
  10. The beige looks nice. It looks wonderful on Crystal..not a drab beige but something you can probably wear all year round. I think the ecru is more of a summer color.
  11. I think you should go for it. I think the Ecru is more limited to seasons, the Beige you could use year round! =) I hope your arm is feeling better!
  12. good point about the beige being useable all year..
  13. What is really killing me is that I actually need a black bag....but the F/W bags are so far away :sad:
    I wonder if there are any ecru nimbus' left, my SA doesn't think there are any that another store would be willing to ship them.
    I guess I'll go with the flow & have her ship it out, thank you for your opinions & if you see an ecru somewhere please let me know.
  14. I like both colors! don't really prefer one. Just get the bag:rolleyes: lol
  15. THEY are both KILLER bags...GET IT!!!!
    I have one and adore it!!!