Sooooooo saaaaaaaad!

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  1. Ok, so I'm a Londoner and it seems Coach is yet to make it over here...I really like the rainbow Coach scribble bags, and I found a GORGEOUS one on's about $300, but postage and import tax will come to more than half that again...which i can't justify :crybaby:
  2. do you have any american friends? maybe they can pick one up for you and send it to you....or you can save up and then youll have enough for it. i am sorry that coach is just not an easy option for you, but once you do get it it will be worth the wait.
  3. My best friend's DH is over there for work and would bring it back for me, but he is staying in a hotel and seller (understandably) wants to post to Paypal approved address. I am so sad! I :love: this bag so much, but I really can't justify spending upwards of $150 on postage and tax. And it's not on the Coach website, so I guess they're not doing the rainbow ones any more? :crybaby:

    How can I get Coach to start selling their stuff in the UK?! :confused1:
  4. Write a letter or send an email! Nothing sounds sweeter than to hear consumers screaming for your product! Who knows...maybe they'll offer you a discount or promotional offer just for letting them know where there presence is needed.
  5. I did have several emails to and from the seller, who has been very nice and helpful, but there's nothing they can do about postage or tax charges between the US and UK :crybaby: so I will just have to go without the's only listed for a few more hours now so someone else will probably snap it up soon anyway :crybaby:
  6. wow that is sad. I hope you can get your coach somehow.
  7. Is there anyway around the tax? I know if you ship to Canada you can mark things as a gift and the buyer won't have to pay tax. If someone here was to ship it to you and mark it that way would that save you the tax?? Surely SHIPPING can't be that much!!
  8. Does your friend's husband work near an outlet ? Maybe he can pick up a scribble tote for you, they were there last time I went. where is he working ?
  9. You might also want to try You never know what might pop up in your area or nearby city. I have this bag and love it. I truely hope you can get one they are great! Good luck!
  10. That is only valid up to $60CDN. If more than $60, you pay duty even if marked "gift".