Sooooooo Noriko

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  1. What happen with the SA ????:love:

    Did you ever ask him out ...........;)
  2. Gooood point!
  3. I forgot about that too...come on Noriko...spill the beans!
  4. hahah :lol: awesome thread :love:

    Well, truthfully....NOTHING has happened. I've been to the boutique a few times, and even twice since the new boutique opened...but for some reason hes never there!

    No matter...I have found another hot SA to lust after. This one is closer to my age, only a few years older, if that. Its weird, I never thought of him in any type of sexual capacity until I gave him his xmas gift :lol: He seemed so genuinely happy that it was cute. Maybe when I lose 3984394839lbs I'll gather up the courage to ask him out. I think hes more in my range than the hot fine jewelry SA.

    Arghhhh, why do my SAs have to be so sexy:love: :Push:

    I plan to ask at least one of them out soon though, even if its just to dinner. My friend always tells me I should invite the younger one out to dinner with us, however my friend is a male. Would it be weird taking my young sexy SA out with another straight male? I don't want to ruin my chances, my SA probably thinks my friend and I are married or something since we're always together:lol: I don't want him thinking I'm involved!

  5. lol........

    Well either way go for it ........It wont hurt to try ......what is the worst that can happen , him saying no , unless u are afraid of rejection. :shame: .....

    You can all way ask the younger one out on a group date to fill him out :idea:
  6. I'd just go for it. Simple enough to just look at the hottie and say "Wanna hang out sometime?" And then since I swear I'm really sneaky I would say "My friend might come along- he is my best friend, but I would NEVER date him" Ha! That way he can somewhat get the vibe!
  7. hehe yeah I think when my SA comes back from vacation I will bring up the subject of possibly hanging out sometime. The thing I'm afraid of is that it'll make things weird and I'll never be able to set foot in the boutique ever again! And that boutique is very important to me, its like my Cheers lol everyone knows my name. Well..almost all the boutiques I frequent are like that, but its just an extremely nice atmosphere in that particular one.

    I am probably making this a lot bigger than it is...I should just grow some balls (not literally :lol: ) and ask the men out!
  8. lmao

    You probably are .........
  9. Too much hesitation...go for it gurl!!!:biggrin:
  10. We all say GO GO GO... so um yea, do it!
  11. Yes, just do it! And keep us updated, of course :biggrin: