1. :s Hi guys,Its been so long since I have been back to the forum, but right now I am in desperate need of some answers. I had my brand new silver coco cabos stored away: in bag cover still with tissue paper and in the original chanel box.I never wore it once, but decided to take it out to wear. I can't remember, so please remind me:Is the double chain as well as the medallion a distressed silver. It looks like a tarnished piece of silver. Is this a flaw, or did it come this way? All answers will be so greatly appreciated
  2. It should be shiny. Have you tried a polishing cloth?
  3. Aww I'm so sorry! I don't know the answer (I only have a black baby cabas and the chain was definitely shiny) but I hope you do feel better. Worst comes to worst, you can take it to the boutique and they can probably make it look better in an instant!
  4. Mine is very shiny. Try to polish it, sometimes silvertone HW can get funny looking if it's packed away for a while (get's dull and cloudy looking). Just polish it with any type of cloth or towel, and it should shine like new again.
  5. Yes...I use the polishing cloth on my hardware. It works!
    I don't have this particular bag but I have the same problem with my other bags.
  6. oh no, now I have to go get my vinyl out of storage to check it out! I would take it to the store and see if they can suggest anything.
  7. Definitely try some polish and some silver clothes.
    My Tiffany stuff dulls after a while and polish makes them sparkle. (Not exactly the same thing... but silver - regardless 925 or actual - will dull)
  8. thanks for all youre replies! Tried the polishing cloth: didn't touch it a bit: Too scared to try polish;also the chain portion would be impossible to get (in and out of grooves etc. )Soooo bummed : what should I do????
  9. take it back to the boutique and get them to polish it for you. it should be under warranty if it was bought within a year!
  10. I owned a silver cabas sometime ago and the hardware was definitely a distressed, tarnished silver - including the metal parts woven into the chain handles. Not quite sure if ALL silver cabas came this way but mine sure did. It was very pretty! My khaki and black ones have shiny hardware though. HTH.
  11. Found a pic I posted here sometime ago...
  12. Yes! The hardware is supposed to be antiqued or tarnished. It's GORGEOUS, I love mine!!! The silver cabas and the silver luxury bowler are the same. The hardware is NOT supposed to be shiny.

    You're all good.......wear it in good health!:tup:
  13. Thanks so much BellaFiore and Tod!! That is exactly what my medallion looks like.Not that I don't love the look, wanted to be sure it was not a flaw. Guys, what bags have you purchased since ? Seems like we have the same taste...:yahoo:
  14. I sorta went chanel crazy in 2007:upsidedown: ending up with various totes and flaps. I havent carried "any" of my flaps and i'm still trying to love them:girlsigh:. I do love all my totes though.
  15. Hey, I pulled my silver cabas out today, thanks for the push.;)

    Like tod, I also went crazy this year. I am now just enjoying what I have. :yes: