SOOOOOO bummed! Anyone else?

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  1. Is yours more like debit card?
    It's the priciple, not the amount of $. We have and are getting no product - give us our refund as soon as you shoot the e-mail telling us!
  2. No, mine is a credit card. But every month/billing cycle, I like to pay off my card entirely so I don't get charged interest which is like 16% by my bank. So, I mean, I'd like for them to do the refund NOW so it will show back up on my card before my next billing date comes along.

    Yeah, I totally agree with you! It's the principle of the thing. They should've refunded as soon as they knew they didn't have the product. Hmm, maybe it's a ploy.. be really slack about the refund, don't reply emails, so maybe, just maybe the client will get give up and just pick another item. All I can say is, "NOT HAPPY!" I'm gonna give my bank a call now.. just to see where I stand.
  3. Ok, I've just called my bank. The lady said it should really only take 24-48hrs for the funds to appear in my account once LVR does the refund, regardless of whether it's still "purchase authorisation" or if the transaction has been authorised and all the details have come thru. She says definitely does not take 2 billing cycles, doesn't matter it's an overseas transaction. She also says that wrt a chargeback, we'll have to wait till the purchased has been authorised then I can get my bank to dispute the charge to get my money back. I really don't want to resort to this so I'm hoping LVR will get off their backsides and do my refund immediately.
  4. We pay ours off in full too, but usually the CO that owns the credit card will mediate for you w/o a waiting period . . .
    I guess I'm extra happy w/ Citicards! LOL!

    I'll update if I find out more.
  5. Thanks SwankyMama:smile: Appreciate it! You, minicoop and I should band together on this, lol! Hmm, wonder how she's doing on her front?

    Oh well, I guess one thing good has come out of this and that's some ppl here will know to be more wary of LVR when ordering online and perhaps call them 1st or phone order instead!
  6. Ok, this is an update on the situation. Swankymama, Minicoop, I'm happy to report, after 3 emails to them I finally got a reply today saying they've cancelled my order and have fully refunded my money. I checked my CC acount online and yes, the transaction has been cancelled. I am so relieved this drama is over, lol! I'm glad they had enough courtesy to email me to inform me. Their lack of communication was the thing I was most unhappy about throughout this.

    Hope you guys have similar good news:smile:)
  7. I'll check mine online soon and update.
  8. aww i'm sorry to hear that! i'm the same way.. most of the time i'm ordering a bag online i have second thoughts so it must be awful for them to tell you that you're not going to get what you wanted!
  9. Just checked, I was never even billed for it{?} WTH?
    So I was never billed, nor credited.
    I'm happy about that but it raises further questions for me.
  10. Phew! Glad to hear you've also got your money back! Yeah, mine is the same, it doesn't show any evidence the transaction was ever there. I think coz mine was still "purchase authorisation" and hasn't gone thru that they were able to just cancel the transaction. If the transaction had been authorised and all the details showing, then I think the transaction can't just be cancelled but a refund needs to be done which will all show up in your account.

    So I guess the proper word is not a refund that they gave me but a cancellation as the purchase was not yet fully authorised:smile:
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