SOOOOOO bummed! Anyone else?

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  2. Wow, that SUCKS! :sad: I felt like that yesterday when Nm cancelled my order for the brown/black B.Fendi, we can start a support group :lol:
  3. I don't think there was a defect because I got the exact same email!! As in verbatim. So, I think that was a lame excuse for the same glitch that caused Serenity Sue's cancelled order of a paddy. :evil:
  4. Hi Swankymama, SerenitySue, I hope you don't mind, but I referred to you guys as my "friends" :smile: when I sent this email...

    "Dear Chiara

    I am not interested in any other items so I guess you should just go ahead and cancel my order.

    I would like to let you know that I am not the only one who is disappointed. I have a friend who ordered the same item, on the same day, and she too got the email that I received. Another friend ordered a Paddington and she got an email also canceling that order. I believe you have a glitch in your online system and I think you should get this fixed as soon as possible because you are getting for yourselves many unhappy customers.

    Sincerely yours"
  5. Minicoop, how funny! I kinda said something to that affect too! Here's my newest response:
    Dear Ms XXXXX,

    we sincerely regret for the inconvenience we occured to you. Our warehouse have tried to ship the not defected bags which we had available to the first customers who set the order.

    We regret we cannot satisfy you at this time and we will immediately refund your money on your credit card.

    Best Regards,

    Chiara Giardi
    Customer Service

    Thanks everyone who responded to this thread or PM'd me, you guys are really sweet!
  6. Should we feel bad for Chiara? She's having a bad day... But you know what, mine was worse, just thinking of how excited I was eagerly waiting for my Phoebe!!
  7. Yeah. . . .
    NO!!! LOL! I'm not feeling bad for her! I am SOOO beyond deflated about my fab deal gone awry :sad:
    I tried that bag on a dozen times at Saks and left sad that I didn't buy it everytime I left. I just won't pay fuill price for it when I'm saving for a Chanel.

  8. Minicoop, way to go! No don't feel sorry for her. I thought I was over it but then just checked their website and the choc paddy is still being offered. That means, they're still allowing this glitch to continue. This makes me mad. I can accept that ok, there was a glitch, a mistake made on their behalf, but now they actually know of the glitch, they still allow it to go on?? That's what riles me up.

    Minicoop, did you ever get replies to those emails you sent? Any refund yet to your CC by any chance? I've sent 3 emails to date and so far no replies and still nothing in my CC account.

    SwankyMama, I hear ya. I'm really deflated too:sad: I was hoping to receive it this Friday even and got all excited about it! I just sent you a pm too, btw;)
  9. I just looked up my CC online and it only shows me through Sat, so I can't really tell yet {?}

  10. Brilliantly said!!! And it is quite unscrupulous for them to keep doing this,because they must be amassing thousands of euros in their accounts and skimming off interest,to which they have no right!!!

    And they're obviously doing nothing to fix :sad:

    I'm sorry for all of your disappointment...but I'm glad that you've posted about it for the rest of us.

    Thanks you!
  11. Thanks for checking SwankyMama:smile:

    On my CC acount online, it still shows as "purchase authorisation" rather than the name of the establishment. And someone here (or in my other post?) mentioned that if it's still awaiting authorisation, the charge reversal should only take 1-2 days. However, if the authorisation is complete, then it could take a while longer like about 2 weeks?? Yeesh, I just hope their accounts department is on the ball and does the reversal/refund ASAP! Hate how they don't even bother replying to emails. At least have the courtesy to let me know what's going on. Ya know?
  12. I just called Citibank to find out more. The chrge nor teh refund are showing up. She said that they could both still be pending and she can't see pending items, so I'll just have to check back online in a day or 2 or call Citicards again.
    LVR SUCKS for not at least offering a substantial discount on a future purchase. I'm NOT on their payroll . . . I shouldn't have to do JACK about cleaning up their mess. Ya know!?
  13. Oh yes, I hear ya! And I agree that they should offer some kind of discount or bonus points whatever for future purchases, maybe half shipping or something. But, no nothing from them. Not even an email! I'm gonna call them up again tonite if I don't get a reply. But I bet Christina (the lady who deals w online purchases and client phone calls) will say "I don't know" again about the when they'll refund. I get that you "don't know" when it would show up on my CC. That's fine. But at least tell me that you will issue the refund immediately. I'll accept that.
  14. My credit card is ferociously loyal to us, they'd reverse any charge in a second if we questioned something.
    Is yours that way?
  15. Hmm, I don't know actually.. never done a chargeback. I have a feeling there's a lot of red-tape to go thru before they'll reverse a charge. Coz sometime late 2004, I started getting these weird entries in my account. I called the bank to say I haven't authorised these purchases and no one else uses my card. I don't even know who those ppl are in the entries. So, it was a case of CC fraud. Took me 3 months of ppr work and back n forth with the bank before they were able to weed out what's going on. Once they were satisfied it was fraud at play, they then promptly gave me my funds back. But yeah, it took that long.. I think they had to go thru their fraud squad, etc, etc. That was a nitemare experience for me.

    So, I dunno know when it comes to chargebacks like this. I think I will wait for LVR to do it themselves rather than do a chargeback on them. I'm confident LVR will refund, just dunno when?? I'd hate it if it were 2 billing cycles like they say on their website. I mean, I have to top up my CC from my own account while all that time, they're earning interest on my money. I know it's not a massive amt, but still, why should I have to be out of pocket, topping up my CC account, for even a while thru no fault of my own?? And their correspondence really leaves something to be desired!
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